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Sy teaches accessible, anti-capitalist, gender affirming makeup, online and in person

Look for "Genderful" Makeup Workshop announcements on their instagram,

GENDERFUL ✨ Want to learn how to shape your presentation to how YOU want to look?

‘Genderful’ is a class series focused on gender bending makeup techniques for the queer community. Taught from a non binary perspective, ‘Genderful’ aims to empower members of the queer community with tools derived from traditional ‘masculine’ and feminine’ aesthetics and beyond: to highlight an ever-expanding spectrum of beauty. The ‘Genderful’ course balances and blends visual elements of the gender spectrum and is peer guided to address each attendee's individual presentation goals, allowing attendees to shape their visual appearance in any way they desire.

BYO basic makeup kit, this class is designed to teach accessible techniques which can be utilized with a wide range of basic tools and products 💄🖌



Learn more about Sy's gender affirming makeup course in 
Allure Magazine!
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